Sommer Picture talks!

Hello July , hi Sommer!

quite warm isn't it ? 
this is my temperature  love it just like this hot hot hot!...some how today  I saw  there was 110 times my blog has been retrieved " but there is no any comment to read at all! why why why? talks to me....talks to me ...Bloger googler whatever who you are!

Hey Dear Blog-Volks you can talk to me as well in englisch... any question let me know
by the way the Som Tam Thai Post is very recomment for this tempeture at the moment you can use the real thai papaya or just carrot as you convenience
Now just would like to use the pic be a word for me...may be just easier:-)

My favourite sommer flower hydrangea.....

this kind of onoin flower... I guess. I saw them in Boston and took some pic of them...

again different kind of hydrangea ...I see you next with sorbet thenn buy


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